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Video tutorials for the drag & drop editor

In this video series, learn the how-tos for creating and sending your email. Each video is just a couple minutes long, so you'll be back to editing in no time.

Select a template 

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Choose one of 100+ free customizable templates or select a custom design you've added to My Templates in your account.

Build your own layout

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Add a sidebar and arrange content placeholders, and then rearrange text and images on the fly until the design feels just right.

Add and edit images

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Click any image placeholder to find options to peruse your computer, your image library, your Facebook or Flickr account, or Bigstock's library of stock images.

Format your text

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Set text alignment, add styles for headlines, create links and insert special characters.

Make more design changes

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Change background colors, adjust margins and padding, and add borders with just a few clicks.

Save time creating emails

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Discover some built-in timesavers that add up to a much better editing experience.

Send your mailing

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Choose your recipients and set up your subject line, from name and address, Google Analytics and more.

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