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Standard personalization tags

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Personalized mailings are a great way to increase engagement by including specific information about your audience members! Whether it's a recipient's name in the subject line of a birthday message or a personalized URL for a product survey, you can easily pull that information from contact records directly into a campaign. If you haven't already, check out this article on adding personalization


Below you'll find a handy list of the default personalization tags in your account that you can use in the drag-and-drop editor or in your own HTML code:

Personalization tag


[% member:email default="email" %]

email address

[% member:name_first default="first name" %]
[% member:first_name default="first name" %]

first name (tag based on short cut name for first name field)

[% member:name_last default="last name" %]

last name

[% member:address default="address" %]


[% member:address2 default="address2" %]

address 2

[% member:city default="city" %]


[% member:state default="state" %]


[% member:state_province default="state province" %]


[% member:postal_code default="postal code" %]

zip/postal code

[% member:phone default="phone" %]


[% member:company_name default="company name" %]

company name

[% optin_confirm_url %]

confirm opt-in

[% manage_url %]

manage preferences

[% unsub_url %]

opt out

[% signup_url %]

sign up

[% webview_url %]

link to the online version of your mailing

[% share:email url_only="true" %] link for social sharing. 'email' may be replaced with 'twitter', 'facebook' or 'linkedin'

[% date: weekday %]

weekday (Tuesday)

[% date:weekday plus_days="2" %]

weekday plus 2 days (Thursday)

[% date:weekdaySHORT %]

shortened weekday (Tue)

[% date:day %]

day of the week (01)

[% date:month %]

month (March)

[% date:monthSHORT %]

shortened month (Mar)

[% date:year %]

year (2016)

[% date:month plus_days="X" %] [% date:day plus_days="X" %], [% date:year plus_days="X" %]

Create an expiration date for a coupon or another special offer based on X number of days out from the date a contact signed up using the signup form tied to your automation. For instance, if you want the coupon to expire after 30 days, you'd use [% date:month plus_days="30" %] [% date:day plus_days="30" %], [% date:year plus_days="30" %]

If you'd like to insert contact information via personalization that doesn't fit in one of our standard contact fields, you can create a custom contact field. Check out this article for more information on how to do that.

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