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Bigstock FAQs

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Note: We will be removing the Bigstock integration from all Emma accounts on April 7th.

Bigstock is a stock photo service with which we've integrated. Images can be purchased and uploaded to your mailing. You can read about the service terms for Bigstock here.

Each image costs $2.99 and will be added to your next invoice. We can't refund any charges for images, as there is a licensing agreement and corresponding fee. Since you purchased it, it is yours, and you can feel free to use it from your image library in the future should you choose to do so.

I'm a photographer. Will you put my images in the Bigstock gallery?
Bigstock does have contributor accounts. You can check it out here.

What am I not allowed to do with the Bigstock images I purchase?

  • You cannot resell the images.
  • Under a standard license, you cannot use the images on a product where the image is a dominant feature, such as posters and postcards.
  • You cannot use the images as part of a logo or trademark.
  • When using images that depict people, you cannot use them in a way that defames the models.
  • Some Bigstock images, such as those depicting celebrities or news events, are restricted for editorial use only.

I'm an agency partner. I bought this in one account; can I distribute it to all of my subs?
It should be purchased separately for each sub-account. Per the Bigstock agreement: You are required to license an image each time you use it in a new product or project. For example, when you download a Bigstock image, you have purchased the license to use it in one project or product. If you use an image in two website designs and one business card design for your clients, then you should have purchased it three times.

Once one of your agency sub-accounts buys an image, they can use it as much as they want in mailings.

Bigstock offers images in the following sizes. What size are they offered through Emma?

  • Small - up to 1000px on the largest side
  • Medium - up to 2400px on the largest side
  • Large - up to 3800px on the largest side
  • Extra Large - the largest size available.

In Emma, only the small size will be made available, as that is the one best optimized for email use.

Can I pay a monthly rate for unlimited use?
Bigstock does offer subscription accounts, but they just don't play nice with our integration. You can still purchase images one-by-one in your account, and you can check out accounts at

Can I edit the images that I bought?
Yep! With the Aviary image editor, we make it easy to do right in your account.

There is a charge for a stock image on our invoice this month. We didn't use this image, so will you please remove it from our bill?
There is a charge when you download an image whether you use it or not, so we won't be able to remove it from your bill.

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