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Code your own

The Code Your Own template allows you to code your entire email, from header to footer and everything in between! We wanted to give you a space to code your mailing as you wish, and we've built in some pretty snazzy preview functionality so you can see how your freshly coded email will render in various email clients. We hope you'll give it a whirl!


If you'd like an assist from us, you can can simply drop your code into the middle of our starter code using the comment tags as a guide, like this:


This way you can take advantage of the Emma footer we've included for you in the starter code. You can also edit the wrapper in the default HTML to customize it if you'd like! This is how the footer will look in the inbox:


You'll find the familiar Preview, Save and Review & Send buttons at the top of the template. You can also save a copy of the mailing or save and exit the mailing using Save & close.

Litmus instant preview

Click Preview to access the instant preview feature, where you can see how your mailing will look across 10 different email clients. 


You can scroll through the different clients here or click any thumbnail to get the full view. The Litmus thumbnails are screenshots, so any animated gifs or videos in your mailing will look static here. Switch to browser view to see how your mailing will display on desktop and mobile clients (including animation), using the screen icons to toggle between those views.

Can-Spam compliance

There are two elements you need to include in your code to keep your email CAN-SPAM compliant. The first is a clear, unambiguous opt-out link - this is also required by our application in order to send.

The required link to opt-out is [% unsub_url %]. Here's an example of how to add that opt-out link in your code:

<a href="[% unsub_url %]" style="color:#63c4ee; text-decoration:none;"><strong>Opt out</strong></a> using <strong>TrueRemove&reg;</strong>


The second necessary element is a physical address. You can code in the address yourself, or you can use the address tags in the Footer section below, which will pull in the RSVP address information from your account's settings & billing page!

Emma templating markup

There are various elements you can hardcode into a template to aid in your design. Though you will need no actual knowledge of Javascript or JSON, they are called for using a syntax unfamiliar to (though evident in) the HTML and CSS typically used in templating markup. We've listed some of the most commonly used tags to the left of the Code your own template, but here is a more extensive list of helpful tags:

Footer tags

Tag Function

[% unsubscribe %]

Automatically adds everything in standard Emma footer

[% unsub_url %]

Required link to opt out

[% manage_url %]

Link to manage preferences

[% signup_url %]

Link to the signup form sent with that mailing

[% webview_url %]

Use to link image or text to online version

[% webview %]

Link to online version

[% optin_confirm_url %]

the link to confirm subscription

[% account_rsvp_address_1 %]

RSVP Address 1

[% account_rsvp_address_2 %]

RSVP Address 2

[% account_rsvp_city %]


[% account_rsvp_state %]

RSVP State

[% account_rsvp_province %]

RSVP Province

[% account_rsvp_zip_code %]

RSVP Zip code

[% account_rsvp_country %]

RSVP Country

[% account_rsvp_name %]


[% account_rsvp_email %]

RSVP Email

[% account_rsvp_address %]

RSVP Address

[% account_rsvp_full_address %]

RSVP Full Address

Social sharing tags

Tag Function

[% block type="social" %][%/ block %]

Full social sharing block

[% share:email url_only="true" %]

Link to share mailing by email

[% share:twitter url_only="true" %]

Link to share mailing via Twitter

[% share:facebook url_only="true" %]

Link to share mailing via Facebook

[% share:linkedin url_only="true" %]

Link to share mailing via LinkedIn

Personalization tags

Tag Function

[% member:name_first default="first name" %]

First name, if member field short cut name is name_first

[% member:first_name default="first name" %]

First name, if member field short cut name is first_name

[% member:name_last default="last name" %]

Last name

[% member:email default="email" %]

Email address

[% member:address default="address" %]

Full Address

[% member:address2 default="address2" %]

Full Address 2

[% member:city default="city" %]


[% member:state default="state" %]


[% member:state_province default="state province" %]


[% member:postal_code default="postal code" %]

Zip/Postal Code

[% member:phone default="phone" %]


[% member:company_name default="company name" %]


[% date: weekday %]

weekday (Tuesday)

[% date:weekday plus_days="2" %]

weekday plus 2 days (Thursday)

[% date:weekdaySHORT %]

shortened weekday (Tue)

[% date:day %]

day of the week (01)

[% date:month %]

month (March)

[% date:monthSHORT %]

shortened month (Mar)

[% date:year %]

year (2016)

[% date:month plus_days="X" %] [% date:day plus_days="X" %], [% date:year plus_days="X" %]

Create an expiration date for a coupon or another special offer based on X number of days out from the date a contact signed up using the signup form tied to your automation. (March 06, 2016)

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