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Direct billing for Enterprise accounts

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Emma's direct billing service is available to our co-branded Enterprise customers on contact-based pricing. This service provides an invitation process for adding new subaccounts, which allows you to determine whether you want your subaccount billed directly by Emma or billed by you. If a subaccount is to be directly billed by Emma, an invoice will be sent to the billing contact for that account on the first of each month. All directly billed subaccounts require a valid credit card on file for automatic payment on the first of each month.  

Included below are step-by-step instructions for using the invitation feature:

Once logged into your agency or org account, click the Create a new account button on the homepage, which directs you to this page:


Here, you'll enter the subaccount name. Select Trial account for account type and Subaccount for billing type. You can expand the Edit account features button to select which features you'd like to turn on for your client. You can also set those as defaults using the Set account defaults button on the Accounts page.

Next you'll add a user and the corresponding details and send the invitation. 


You can preview the message your user will receive, and your logo and colors set in the Theme section of your account will be pulled in there to reflect your brand. 

You have the option to have some or all of your subaccounts directly billed by Emma. The subaccounts that are not directly billed by Emma will appear on your monthly invoice.
By checking the Send Invitation immediately box (or by delaying and sending the invitation later from the Accounts page), an email will go to the contact for your subaccount.


The link in the email to your subaccount will take them to a login page where they will create their password and login. They'll be prompted to add their account RSVP information upon sending their first mailing, or they can add that information any point by navigating to the Settings & Billing section of the Account menu.
After activating and logging in, your subaccount will be directed to a screen to enter their credit card information for automatic billing on the first of each month.*


You can keep track of the status of invitations sent to your subaccounts in the Accounts section of your Emma account. This page will show you what invitations have been sent, the delivery status and the expiration date for that invitation, which is 30 days from the date it was sent.


To cancel an invitation, simply click the box to the far right of the subaccount, and select Cancel invitation.


If you wish to change the status of your subaccount, go to your Accounts page, then select to go to the account settings section for that sub-account.


Once in that section, click the Edit button under the Account basics section to change the status.


* All subaccounts directly billed by Emma are required to have a valid credit card on file for automatic payment on the first of each month. If the card fails to process, the billing contact will be notified by Emma with a request to update the card in file and process payment. If payment is not received within 40 days, the sub-account will be frozen for nonpayment.

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