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Enterprise dashboard overview

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The Enterprise account dashboard features your clients' top-level averages and totals to keep you informed at a glance. You can think of this as your internal email marketing barometer.

Upon logging in, Enterprise account administrators will see all the important totals, averages, events and metrics along the top for an at-a-glance health check. The dashboard features an average Mailing Score that shows how opens, clicks, shares and opt-outs fare across all your client mailings on a 10-point scale. Average opens and clicks are here as well. We'll also keep up with the total number of active contacts in your clients' accounts and how many emails have been sent that month. If you have accounts that are inactive, we'll point those out.

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Your clients' notable mailings are plotted on a timeline, so you can easily spot what's being sent alongside the results. We've color-coded the metrics so you know where you stand at a glance. (Green is good, yellow is a warning and red is not-so-good.) At the right, you'll find built-in resources from our team to help make you the expert your clients are looking for, plus a direct line to our online support and strategy space, Emma Community, so you can stay connected to us and fellow customers.

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We'll highlight when something big happens, like a large import.

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And if you have a client that hasn't sent recently, that's plotted on the timeline, too.

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