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Event API

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Access to the Event API is available only to Emma Plus and Emma HQ customers.

Emma’s Event API helps you send even more timely and personalized email messages by responding to activities that are being tracked in other platforms, such as your CRM, online store, or webinar service. The data from events shared with the event API (like product purchases, event registrations and survey completions) can be used to trigger automated workflows, as well as to personalize your message using our Dynamic Content.

Like the rest of our API, the Event API is a tool for programmers. You’ll want to be familiar and comfortable with this type of work before moving forward, but we do offer support for our API through our technical services team. Technical services start at $199 / hour, and you can learn more here.

Triggering workflows using custom API events

Once you’ve connected a service with Emma using the Event API, you can create automated workflows that will be triggered by events that match the criteria that you set in the workflow. For example, if you want to send a follow up email after a customer completes a purchase, but only if their purchase amount is greater than $100, you can configure a workflow to be triggered only when the event-name equals “purchase-completed,” and the order-amount is greater than “100.” More information on triggering workflows using custom API events is available here.

Personalizing emails using custom API events

In addition to triggering, you can also use the data contained within your events to personalize those automated emails. if you want to send a follow up message to users who registered for one of several online courses, and you wanted to personalize that message with information from the specific course that the user registered for (course time, instructor, etc.), you can do so using Dynamic Content. More information on personalizing your event-powered emails can be found here.

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