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Explanation of enterprise admin tools

There are a few account types that each have different views upon login. If you have an agency account setup and were created as the agency owner or a manager, you see a dashboard when you log in that gives access to a variety of tools.

Search bar

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Click here, and a dropdown list of your sub-accounts appears.


Click the Menu dropdown at the far right to expand your options.
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This takes you back to the page you see upon login.


View past invoices, download your clients’ monthly activity reports, change your payment and billing contact information and see your rate plan. (Managers with access to billing can only see the activity reports.)


On this page, you can perform the following actions:

  • Create a new account via the Create new account button 
  • Set account defaults via the Set account defaults button
  • Create your login form to let clients log into their accounts directly from your website. To create a login panel, paste the code provided onto any page of your website.
  • Hover over Trial or Active status in the Status column to see how many days remain in the Trial or account activation date.
  • Turn account features on/off, either globally or by account
    (Features you can toggle: Template gallery, Blank template, Code your own, Save as Template and 24-hour email which sends from the agency name and email address that you've entered for the footer of the account. If you haven't filled that out, it will be from the subaccount's RSVP information)
  • View the primary contact; if there isn't one, you can choose the option to set one


By selecting View account settings from the downward facing arrow to the right of each account, you can edit the following account settings:

  • access & edit your Team, the members that have access to the subaccount
  • generate an API key (account must have a primary contact before API key is available to generate here)
  • add or edit RSVP information & edit time zone
  • change account status (retire the account)


View current managers’ settings, delete managers and add new managers. (Managers cannot access this page.)


Use the Template Builder tool to build templates your subaccounts can use to build mailings, edit past templates and retire old ones. You control access to the templates, so maybe only two of your subaccounts have Template A in their account while all subaccounts have Template B. You can also store images here to be shared with multiple subaccounts.


Edit your user details — first name, last name, email address and username.


If you’re a longtime customer, you may have previously used a tool called Stationery Builder. It created stationery for the classic editor, which has been moved to read-only and is no longer usable. We suggest using Template Builder for the drag & drop editor moving forward for the best experience.


Edit how the app appears for your sub-accounts by changing the header color, adding your logo and editing the contact information that appears in the footer. By default, that contact information reads Your Agency - support[at] (Managers cannot access this page.)

Log out

Click this button to log out of your account.

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