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How to opt someone back in

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In accordance with the federal Can-Spam law, anyone who has opted out must be the one to take the steps to opt in or request that they be opted in. You can't opt someone back in from within your account, but there are a few ways people who've opted out can be added back:

  1. They can fill out a signup form of yours and click the opt-in confirmation link in the email they receive. To do this, you can either direct the contact to your website to sign back up or send them the signup link directly. Even if you don't have an active signup form on your website, you can find and send your default signup form link by clicking the Publish this signup form option in the edit view of your signup form. You'll want to make sure that the confirmation email is set to automatically send for that signup form.

    Note: Lightbox forms & custom signup forms created using our open API will NOT trigger the opt-in confirmation email if an opted out contact tries to sign themselves back up.
  2. They can click to manage their preferences from a previous email from you in their inbox and click Yes to have the opt-in invitation sent to their address. Then they can confirm their subscription from their inbox as long as you have the confirmation email set to send for that signup form.
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