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How to use the RSS Import Block

The RSS import block lets you quickly and easily import content from an RSS feed into a mailing or landing page. Many marketers generate and publish content outside of Emma (ie. CMS, blog), but also want to incorporate that content into their mailings. RSS is the most common tool used to export content from their CMS/blog into other platforms.

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Easily add your blog to your mailings
Instead of copying or manually reproducing your blog content within Emma, the RSS import block lets you quickly and easily import your latest posts right into your mailing or landing page.

Keeps your content consistent
By importing into Emma, your CMS content won’t get manipulated, so it remains consistent and reliable as the single source of truth.

Adding to your mailing

1. Create/open a mailing
2. Click and drag the RSS Import block into your mailing
3. Paste in your RSS feed URL
4. Choose the number of items to display
5. Check to display Title, Content, Published date, Read more link

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How do I find my blog’s RSS feed URL?
Even though CMS and blog platforms vary, look for the RSS icon that will generate your blog’s feed URL. 

What type of RSS feed is supported?
The RSS Import block supports RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 feeds (XML-based).

Does the RSS import feed accept JSON?

How do I add images to my articles?
Once your content has been added to your mailing, it’s treated like any other text block. To turn on images, click on the Settings icon for that block and enable images. 

Pro tip: Need to add images to all of your articles? Duplicate the RSS block and delete the previous articles to add images to each article. If you need to separate your articles into multiple blocks, you can copy and paste content from one block to another.

I just published new content to my RSS feed. How do I get that update to show in my mailing?
Content doesn’t automatically update, but re-adding the RSS Import block to your mailing and pasting in your RSS feed URL will refresh the content.

Can this send recurring emails? For example, I can import my RSS feed and then Emma will automatically send out new emails as my blog is updated?
Currently, the RSS import block is just pulling articles into a content block within a mailing, and so it isn’t able to trigger an automated email. But, you’ve got a great idea and I’ll send it to our Product team as a feature request.

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