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Landing Pages

Landing pages are currently available to Emma Plus and Emma HQ accounts. Don’t see it in your account? Get in touch with us at!

Landing pages are a key part of any multi-channel marketing strategy. But creating a new landing page and adding it to your website requires something a lot of marketers don’t have: time. You often have to work with multiple teams to get it done, which can be difficult and sometimes even bureaucratic. But what if there was a way to create beautiful and effective landing pages anytime you needed one? Hint: there is, and it's right inside your Emma account!

Creating and publishing a landing page

To get started, you'll head to the Campaigns section of your account and choose Landing Pages, where you'll find all drafts and published pages.

Clicking the Create a new landing page button will create a new draft, which uses a drag-and-drop editor similar to what you use when you create a new mailing.

In addition to the usual content options found in our mailing editor, there are a few landing page-specific options here.

You can add a background image by choosing Backdrop.

If an image is selected, you can choose the position and whether or not the image repeats horizontally, vertically, or both.

Another unique feature of landing pages is the ability to add Google Analytics, which can be added via the option at the top right.

Add your Google Analytics campaign title, or click the Google link to set up a Google Analytics account if you don't currently have one.

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 8.35.41 AM.png

If you want to add an Emma signup form to your landing page, you can! You'll first head to the Signup Forms section of Audience, click the arrow to the right of your form, and choose Add this to your site. From there, you'll choose the Iframe option.

Copy your form's iframe code. In the editor for your landing page, you'll drag over the HTML block then hover over it and choose Edit HTML to paste in the code.

You can adjust the form's height and width within the code here if needed; if the signup form is displaying with a scroll bar, you can increase the height value in the code until it appears as desired.

Once you're ready to publish your page, clicking the orange Publish button at the top right will prompt you to first name your page.

In accordance with best practices for search engine optimization, it's suggested you keep this page title to 50 characters or less. When you're ready, click Publish to take your page live.

You'll be given the unique URL for your page, which you can link to in your email campaigns. You can also customize your URL. Learn more about custom domains for landing pages

Need to make a change after you’ve published your landing page? No problem! Unlike email campaigns, you can update content in your landing pages, follow the same publishing steps, and the landing page’s unique URL stays the same.

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