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Custom Domains for Landing Pages

This feature is only available to Emma Plus and Enterprise customers.

Pairing your domain with the landing page editor gives you the ability to use your own website domain when sharing landing page URLs with your audience. This gives your audience a consistent experience in the browser because they see the same domain associated with a landing page as they would see associated with your website.

Pairing your domain

To allow your own domain to be used in the URL of your Emma landing page, you'll need to make an update in the Settings area of our application and your IT team will need to make a change with your domain’s registrar.

In your account

In the accounts settings section, navigate to the Account tab and choose the Custom URLs option within that page. Enter the domain that you want to to use for your landing pages and hit save. The domain you enter should be in subdomain format, meaning you’ll want to choose a name to be placed in front of your normal URL. For example, or


Working with your web team

Your web or IT team will need to create what’s called a CNAME record that “points” your domain to your landing pages. The domain your CNAME record should point to is Keep in mind that CNAME related changes can take up to 48 hours to fully propagate and take effect, so you may not immediately see your domain paired with your landing pages.

Once you've taken care of those steps, you’re all set! When you publish your landing page, you’ll see your domain represented as part of the published URL.

Tiered accounts and user permissions

Custom domains are controlled at the individual account level. Only team members with the “Full” permission level have access to modify the custom URL setting. If you have users that you feel shouldn’t have access to this option, make sure their permission level is something other than “Full.”

If you’re a team member and find that you don’t have access to this option, contact your account admin for assistance. 

Security Considerations

Be aware, when pairing your domain, your landing page content will be transmitted over http. If you require a secure connection for your content, we recommend forgoing the domain pair and using the default URL which transmits content securely over https.


Unpairing your domain

In the accounts settings section, navigate to Account and the Custom URLs tab. Remove your domain from the text box and press save. Once that is taken care of, any future landing pages you publish will be using the default URL.

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