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Managing your Team

Multiple team members are available only to Emma Plus and Enterprise accounts.

With Emma For Teams, you can create multiple users with different levels of access & permissions. 

You'll access your team from the menu at the top right, next to the question mark icon. The icon for this menu varies depending on your account type: it will be either be an icon of a set of tools, an avatar & your name, or the word Account. Click there and select Your team:

Here, you'll be able to see all current and invited team members:

Emma Plus accounts and Enterprise subaccounts can create up to 10 users.

From this view, you can update any team member's permissions by clicking the arrow to the far right of the member.

Permission levels

There are also permission levels which you can set for your team members:

Administrator, Full, Editor, Author, Response only

Administrators have access to all the features of an account, including the ability to manage API keys, export audience data, and manage other team members.

The level of access for different permission levels varies based on your account type:

  • For more details on permission levels for a Plus account, click here.
  • For more details on permission levels for an Enterprise account, click here.

Heads up: you'll want to be sure to coordinate with the other users of your account to ensure you don't have more than one person in the same campaign at a time. Emma's editor is set up to automatically save your work as you go and if multiple users are working in the same campaign at once, they may unintentionally clear out each other's work.

Inviting team members

To invite a member, you'll click the blue Invite A Team Member button at the top right of your team page, which will bring up the following form:

Once you enter the email address and send the invitation, you'll receive this confirmation message:

The member you invited will receive an invitation (from your account's sender address) which looks like this:

This invitation expires after 15 days. If the invitation has expired or been deleted, clicking on 'Access your new account' will return this message:

If you need to resend an invitation, you'll delete the pending user and then create a new invite. You can delete a user by clicking the arrow to the right of the user and selecting the option to delete. Only the Administrator can delete other users.

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