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Enterprise account permission levels

With an Enterprise account, there are different levels of access for your subaccounts and your enterprise as a whole. 

Here is a breakdown of the different types of members and permission levels:


This owner logs in with the username and password that was specified when the Enterprise account was set up. They have full access to the entire account (including all subaccounts) and can access monthly billing spreadsheets, view and pay invoices, update the account theme, create accounts, and customize access for their in-house managers.


Managers are created by the owner to give their fellow staff members the ability to manage some or all subaccounts, based on the permission settings. Owners can also set whether each manager can create accounts or see the billing activity reports. Owners may also assign any specific manager to automatically have access to any current and future accounts.

Managers cannot access specific billing information (Invoices, billing details,  rate plan) or the account theme and they cannot create or edit managers. Assets is accessible to agency managers that have access to all subaccounts.

To create and edit your managers, choose Managers from the enterprise menu at the top right.

Subaccount Primary Contact

Each subaccount can have one primary contact. You'll need to set a primary contact to be able to generate an API key.

A primary contact has access to some areas of a subaccount which other team members do not have. They can export audience contacts and purge archived items. Note: the permission level takes precedence and if a primary contact does not have full permission levels, they won't be able to access these areas.

Subaccount Team Members

There are four permission levels for your team members: Full, Editor, Author, Response only.

Their permissions break down like this:

Permission level Has access to: Does not have access to:


All tabs (Audience, Campaigns, Response, Automation)

Export audience groups*


Purging archived items


All tabs.

Export audience groups*


Member can create (but not send mailings); for more information on this, click here.

Purging archived items.


The Campaigns, Response, and Automation tabs.

Export audience groups*


Member can create (but not send mailings); for more information on this, click here.

Purging archived items.

Audience tab.

Response only

The Response tab.

Export audience groups*


All other areas of subaccount

*Access to the Billing and Exports pages can be toggled for any user regardless of permission level.


No permission level includes ability to create or edit team members. This is only done by managers and the owner.

For more information on managing your team, head this way.

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