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Marketing Calendar

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Whether you’re a marketing team of one or many, there’s one tool all marketers use: a calendar. They’re at the center of everything we do, helping us plan, track, communicate, and remember to have coffee with that job applicant as a favor to a friend even though you’re insanely busy. 

That’s why we’ve added a marketing calendar to Emma, giving you increased visibility into your email schedule, making it easier for your team to work together, and helping you adjust your marketing strategy on the fly.

Found on the Home tab of the app, the Marketing Calendar helps you:

  • View the mailings that you've sent or scheduled by date
  • Quickly access the Response results for any sent mailings
  • Rescheduled / cancel scheduled mailings

To view the mailings that you’ve sent or scheduled on any given date, simply hover over that date on the calendar; they'll be marked with a blue dot. Using the back and forward arrows at the top of the calendar, you can switch to different months and to return to the current month, just click Today.

When you hover your over a date where a mailing was sent, you can view the response results for the previously-sent mailings by clicking View response by the mailing’s name. On dates where a mailing is scheduled, you can reschedule the mailing by selecting Reschedule by the mailing's name;

You can also cancel a scheduled mailing by selecting the Cancel option; you will first be prompted to confirm th cancellation:

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