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Send process for Authors and Editors

Author and Editor team members are available only to Emma Plus and Enterprise accounts.

Members with Author and Editor permission levels can create campaigns but cannot send them; instead, they submit them for review to a member with a permission level that allows them to send campaigns (Full, Owner, Manager).


Submitting campaigns for review as an Author or Editor


When an author or editor is in the editor, the Review & Send button instead appears simply as Review.


Clicking Review takes you here:


Unlike the Review and Send process, there are no options to add recipients or switch to a subject-line split test.


The Send or Schedule options have been replaced by the Finish button. Clicking it brings up this:


The dropdown includes a list of all members that have full access. If it's an Enterprise subaccount, it will also include any managers with access to this subaccount, as well as the owner.


Authors and editors can add a note in the Note field, marking it as high priority if necessary, then click Submit.


Clicking Submit will notify the selected manager that a mailing is ready to be sent.


Reviewing campaigns submitted by Authors and Editors


Once an author has submitted a campaign for review, the selected member will receive an email that looks like this:

If any notes were added by the author/editor, they'll also appear in this email. The subject line of the email displays as A mailing is ready for your review! unless the high priority option was marked, in which case it reads as HIGH PRIORITY: A mailing is ready for your review!


Clicking on the link in the above mailing will take you to the standard Review and Send page, where you can add recipients, change to a split test (if desired), and send or schedule the mailing. The campaign will be listed in the Unsent tab of the Campaigns page until a manager or owner chooses to send the campaign.

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