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Using Emma Guestbook for iPad

Emma Guestbook makes building your email list stylish and simple. Simply download the iPad app from the Apple Store, connect to your Emma account and customize your settings. In minutes -- nay, seconds -- you'll be poised to collect new subscribers from the counter of your store, or at your next trade show, event or client meeting.

Installing Guestbook

To get started, you'll head to the App Store in search for Emma Guestbook.

Once you've downloaded the app and opened it up, you'll be prompted to connect to your Emma account.

After typing in your username and password and clicking Authorize, you'll be taken through the steps to customize your form.

The first step is choosing the background image for your form; you can upload your own or use one of the stylish backgrounds provided by our designers.

Set your background and then hit Next to move on to your fields.

To display a field, move the toggle to the right. You can also choose to make certain fields required by clicking the Require button. 

On the next step, you'll get to preview how your form looks when someone signs up.

You can adjust the opacity of the container around your fields by adjusting the toggle at the bottom. If you swipe to the right, you can see previews of the Confirmation and Thank You screens.

Finally, you'll choose which group your Guestbook signups will be added to.

You can choose any existing groups from your Emma account or create a new group right from here in the app.

You can also choose to disable the default confirmation email that's sent upon signing up from Guestbook. This is a great option if you'd prefer to send an automated welcome email to those new subscribers!

Once you're done, click Build Your Guestbook and you'll be taken to your new form! You're now good to start collecting signups.

Frequently asked questions

If I'm collecting names when I'm not connected to the Internet - when does my signup confirmation or automated welcome email send?

Any automatic emails set up to send to new signups will be delivered the next time you are connected to the Internet.

Is there a way to identify which contacts in my Emma audience signed up with Guestbook?

Your Emma account won't designate which audience contacts signed up with Guestbook. If you're interested in isolating these subscribers, we recommend setting up a Guestbook-specific audience group and assigning new signups there. Email addresses of signups captured are also listed in the Entries section of Guestbook.

What happens if someone who is already in my Emma audience signs up with Guestbook?

That's fine. Emma will just update the member record to add the subscriber to the group you designated in your Guestbook settings.

Can I access my Guestbook signup form from my Emma account?

No, you can only edit your Guestbook signup form from the Guestbook app. You won't see the signup form stored on your Audience page in Emma.

I’m setting up a signup welcome automation, and I don’t see Guestbook as an available signup source.
Only the user that authenticated the Guestbook account can see Guestbook Signup as an option for a signup automation trigger. The user who setup the Guestbook signup form on your iPad is the user who should create and activate the automation workflow within your Emma account.

Can I brand my background with my own logo?

Sure! You can design an image file (or take a screenshot of your website design) and save it to your iPad to access from My Photos in Guestbook.

What iOS version is supported?

We support iOS version 7.1.2 and up.

For our Emma HQ partners

I have an Emma HQ login. How do I set up Guestbook for my subaccounts?

To set up Guestbook for yourself or a client, you'll need to log in with the subaccount-level Emma username and password. If you don't have these credentials handy, just click the Menu button on your Emma HQ home page, select Accounts and click View account settings from the dropdown menu to the right of any account name. You'll find the username listed under "Client info," and you can reset the password there if needed.

Why am I getting an error that the username doesn't have the proper credentials?

If you try to log in with a sub-account that has no access to their account, limited or full, they cannot set up a Guestbook signup form. You as the agency will need to set at least limited access for that sub-account.

Do you have a white-label version of Guestbook for resellers?

No, the current version of Guestbook has Emma branding.

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