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Add a countdown timer

This feature is currently in Beta for select Plus customers. Please contact Emma Support if you are a Plus customer and would like access.

Adding a countdown timer to your mailing

We're excited to introduce a brand new countdown timer in the drag-and-drop email editor, making it easy to drive maximum urgency in your campaigns.

With the countdown timer, you can:

  • Customize fonts, colors, size, background image

  • Add a click-through URL to drive traffic to your site

  • Set Timer to dynamically expire in each recipient's time zone

How to add a countdown timer to your email

First, find the Timer block on the left-hand side of the drag-and-drop editor and drag the block into your mailing:

Next, you’ll see a modal where you can configure your Timer:

You can configure settings for the Timer and the Expiration, which is what your subscribers will see after the timer has expired.

Configure your timer’s countdown settings

The countdown timer is composed of two parts: the text that indicates time remaining and a background image for the text to sit on top of.

Within the Timer countdown settings, you can customize the font, font size, and font color. If you modify any of these settings, you’ll likely want to experiment with the padding controls so that the timer is aligned with the background image. To preview the timer, you’ll want to click Save and preview within the editor.

Next, set your click-through URL and Alt text.

Finally, we’ve included a default Background image for you. It can be customized this by uploading a new background image. To upload a new background image, click Upload new background image. While we’ll resize any image larger than 600 pixels to fit within the Timer block, our recommendation is that your uploaded images are twice that size (1200px). This will help ensure selected images render clearly across all monitor types.

You can also customize the Background Dimensions. Again, we recommend a width of 1200 pixels to ensure your image renders clearly.

Configure your timer’s expiration settings

We’ll use the date and time that you enter in the Expiration settings as when to count down from. For example, if you set the day and time for 47 hours from right now, the countdown timer that you subscribers will see will start counting down at 1 day, 23 hours, 0 minutes and 0 seconds.

By default, the expiration date will use the time zone setting in your account. You can also optionally choose to expire the countdown timer in the opener’s local time zone. We use the time zone of where your subscriber is at the time of opening the mailing to determine how much time should be left. For example, with this option checked, if you set your countdown timer to expire at 12:00 PM, a subscriber that opens in the Eastern time zone would see the timer expire at 12:00 PM Eastern while a subscriber in the Pacific time zone would see the timer expire at 12:00 PM Pacific.

As with the countdown timer, you have the option to replace the default background image for the Expiration. Again, images should be no less than 1200px wide.

Once you have configured your countdown timer as you’d like, save your timer by clicking Save.

Preview your timer

After you have saved your timer, you will see what your subscribers will see when they open their email. As with any other block, you can move, copy or delete it by hovering over it.

You can make changes to your timer by clicking on the block. Doing so will open the modal so that you can further customize.

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