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Add and edit text

Adding & formatting text within a text block

Each text box comes with a bit of default text, "Your text here." Click on that default text to reveal the editor's toolbar.

Begin typing your text within the text field or paste in plain, unformatted text from another source. The text in the field auto-saves as you go.

Pasting plain text into the editor means you're starting with a blank slate - no extra formatting to muddle up the html of your email. Adding formatting in the editor using the formatting toolbar is the best way to ensure consistent rendering across various email clients. 

  • is a free online text converter accessible from any machine or browser, just paste your formatted text into the window. When you copy it back out it will be plain text.

Use the toolbar to:

  • Bold, italicize or underline text
  • Insert an unordered (i.e. bulleted) list or a numbered list
  • Align your text left, center, right or justified
  • Select a style set (quickly marking headlines and subheadlines)
  • Choose a web-safe font and assign a font size
  • Set text color and background text color
  • Remove text formatting
  • Set a line height
  • Link text to a website, email address, document or survey
  • Check your spelling
  • View the HTML for the text box and make small adjustments

In the same toolbar, you'll see an Insert button, which provides options for inserting:


  • An anchor. Drop an anchor anywhere you'd like to link to from another place in your mailing. Read more about creating anchor links here.
  • Personalization. Put your cursor where you'd like to insert a bit of personalization, then select the member field from the picklist and add placeholder text all in the same place. Read more about personalization here.
  • A divider. Want to break up the content of your text box? Insert a divider to add a little visual space.
  • A special character. Select from a menu of international characters and symbols.
  • A table. Create a table to organize your content. Read more about tables here.

Using text styles

In addition to changing the font and font size of any text, you can also assign styles from a drop down in the editor's toolbar. Use this feature to apply consistently-styled headlines and subheadings or create a quote block for a chunk of text that needs to stand out from the rest of your copy.


To apply a text style:

  • Highlight the selection of text
  • Select the appropriate style set from the drop down menu in the editor toolbar (the default is Normal)

Helpful tip

The toolbar is pinned at the top of your mailing by default. You can unpin it to move it around while you work by clicking the pushpin icon at the toolbar's right. After unpinning, use the four-way arrow atop the toolbar to move it wherever you'd like on the page.

Spot-checking the HTML code of a text box

Each text box has its own set of code. If you notice some formatting issues in your text box -- like a font size that's not quite right -- you may want to view its HTML and make small adjustments.

Click on the </> button in the formatting toolbar to view the text box's HTML.

Use this button for small code adjustments only. Do not paste in your own HTML code here. If you'd like to add a section of your own HTML to the mailing, simply add an HTML content block.
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