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Adding and editing survey content

Note: Surveys are a deprecated feature that may not be available in your account if you activated after 2/5/16 or have not previously created a survey.


To add content to your survey, visit Add form elements on the righthand side of the screen. Click and drag form elements of your choice to build your survey. You can also customize some introductory text at the top if you like.

Adding survey questions

You can add up to 50 form elements (usually questions) to your survey. Here are some tips and instructions:

  • adding and editing elements: Click or drag the form element to add it to your survey content area. You can copy, delete and save any question as you go.
  • adding content: Type in your survey question where you see Input your text here.
  • requiring fields: To require survey-takers to complete a particular question, tick the 'required' checkbox.
  • adding options: Add options to checkbox, radio button and dropdown menu questions by typing your option(s) for the question where you see Option text, and click the add option button to, well, add more options.
  • adding an 'other' option: If you're creating a checkbox or radio button, click include other option to let your survey-takers specify their own answer.

Adding notes

Use the general note form element to add instructions or notes to help your survey-takers along the way. This type of form element isn't included in your survey's 50-question limit.

Click or drag the form element to add it to your survey content area, then format it with the style class of your choice using the editor toolbar. For paragraphs of text, we recommend the 'body text' class.

Editing content

Edit any options or question text in your survey by clicking on the question itself. You can also drag and drop form elements in the survey content area to change the order of your questions, answer options and general notes.

You can edit the look and feel of your text by setting a new text style at the top of the survey

Helpful tips

  • Currently, you may edit your survey even after it's published. We recommend *only* making small text edits to your questions, since making major changes to your options or adding new options will affect the reliability of your survey response data.
  • Something to think ahead about while you're creating the survey: Survey-takers will be identified by their email addresses if you send the survey as a link within a mailing, but they'll be anonymous if you post the survey on your website or blog. When adding and editing the survey's content, consider adding a required email or first name field within the survey to capture identifying information, should you decide to publicly post the survey.

Customizing your thank-you page

Your thank-you page will appear to survey-takers who complete all your survey questions. To edit yours, make sure you're in edit mode, and click on the Thanks page tab to the right of Survey form.

Click on the text box, and style it using the editor toolbar at the top, and click Save in the top-right corner to save your work. To cancel the changes you've just made, click cancel.

If you'd like survey-takers to go to a different page altogether, just check the box next to Alternate URL and type or paste in the URL next to Thanks page URL on the next screen. Add a link to your website or blog, or reward your survey-takers with a link to a downloadable coupon.

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