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Adding individual members

If you need to quickly add a few contacts to your audience, here's how. Keep in mind you can also add lots of people at once using the import tool.

How to add someone to your audience:

  1. From the main Audience page, click the Add a contact button.
  2. This will open up a blank contact record. Fill in the information in the fields provided.
  3. Check any groups you'd like this contact to be a part of.
  4. The mailing status is already set to Active. Leave it that way.
  5. Select Save or Save & add another.

If you're adding someone who already exists in your audience, you'll be alerted so you can make your changes to the previous record.

Helpful tip

It's OK for someone to be part of more than one group in your audience. If you send to three groups (at the same time) and Bill is in all three, we'll make sure he only gets one copy. Bill would want it that way.

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