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Asset Manager for Emma HQ accounts

Asset Manager is the central location to create, organize, and share content with your subaccounts.

In addition to creating templates, campaigns, and uploading images & documents, a number of tools exist to help you better manage all of your content.

Add subaccount campaigns to Asset Manager

Owners and Managers often identify successful marketing campaigns sent by a single subaccount and would like to see their other subaccounts benefit from the same or similar content.

These Emma HQ users can add a campaign from a subaccount to Campaign Builder in the Assets section of their Emma HQ account.

Once shared to Assets, an added campaign can be edited and shared back down to all subaccounts. Additionally, the campaign can be saved as a template in Assets and shared down to all subaccounts as a template.

In a subaccount, Owners and Managers have access to a row action in the Campaigns section that allows them to 'Add to Assets'.

Once selected, the Emma HQ user sees a success modal where they have the option to jump into Campaign Builder and make changes to the campaign. From there, the user can share to subaccounts through the existing share tools.

An additional option includes the ability to ‘Save as Template’ from within Campaign Builder. This saves the campaign as a template in the Assets section of the Emma HQ account. That template can then be shared to template gallery of any selected subaccount.

Duplicating Assets

A row action is available in the Templates and Campaigns tabs allowing users to quickly duplicate a template or campaign. If you’re creating a series of related templates or campaigns, duplicating content will help expedite the process.

Image labels and sharing

Applying labels to images will help group and organize your image library. As images are shared with subaccounts, the image labels are also shared and will appear in the subaccount’s 'Shared Images' tab within the campaign editor.

This allows you to create an organized structure of images (logos, banners, etc.) to share with your subaccounts and help users easily discover and utilize that content.


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