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Canceling your account

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Sorry to hear it's time to move on from us! If you'll please give us a ring at 800.595.4401, we'll wrap up your account. To get a head start, read these housekeeping tips to ensure you have everything out of the account that you need. Once your account is closed, you won't have access to this information any longer.

  1. Consider exporting your contacts. Export your audience so you can stay in touch with folks.
  2. Save important mailings. You can save any mailings that you'd like as PDFs so you can file them away and refer to them later. Click the Save webview as a PDF link on the mailing's response page. 
    Helpful tip: You might also use the Compare Mailings feature to export your mailing details using our Performance Summary report. This report includes webview links for all mailings exports, giving you a nice starting place to quickly access and save those mailings without needing to open each one in your account.
  3. Save response results. If there are any significant response results you want to keep, export them to Excel.
  4. Remove your signup form, and cancel your automated workflows. If you have a signup form on your website, blog or Facebook page, be sure to take it down. Once your account is canceled, there will be no way to access any information captured through signup forms you'd created with your account. Also delete any active automated emails.

If you ever decide you're ready to start an account again, we'd love to work with you. In fact, if you change your mind within 30 days after canceling, your current account will be available to flip back to active status. Otherwise, after 30 days, all of your audience, mailing and response history will be deleted from our servers, as well as your templates, so you'd need to open a brand-new account at that point.

Note: Once your account is retired, all links in sent mailings' footers still work. Recipients can still manage preferences, sign up, view the mailing online and opt out. Links won't give any indication that the account has been closed.

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