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Changing a contact's status

When you view a contact record, you'll see a field on the "Contact information" tab that says "Contact status." In that field, you'll see one of three designations:

  1. Active - This means that there are no problems with this address.
  2. Error - Error status indicates that there is either something wrong with the format of the email address, that we've been unable to deliver mail to the email address listed or an account user changed the status manually. 
  3. Opt-out - Opt-outs are folks who have indicated that they do not want to continue receiving your emails by clicking the "opt out" link found at the bottom of each email.

From time to time, you may need to alter someone's mailing status. Here are the common changes you'll need to make and why you might need to make them:

Active to opt-out

Occasionally, you may have someone from your audience email directly and ask to be removed from your list. When this happens, you'll need to change their mailing status from "Active" to "Opt-out." This will ensure that they will be permanently removed from your list, even if you accidentally import them again.

Opt-out to active

The opt-out status is not something you can change manually from within your account. If you find an address in opt-out status and think it's by mistake, you may contact the recipient outside of your account (like with a personal email from your own email program) and provide a link to your signup form. Alternately, if the contact still has a mailing from you in his or her inbox, simply clicking the signup link at the bottom of the email and then clicking the confirmation link in the email they receive after that will restore the status to "Active."

Error to active

After you run an import, you may see some errors in the import that are obvious mistakes. For example, you may have email addresses that don't have an "@" symbol in them, or addresses that are missing the ".com" on the end. In those cases, you can edit those records, correct the addresses and then move those folks to "Active" status.

So, how do you change their status? It only takes a few steps:

  1. Find the contact's record in your audience, and click to "View this contact's record" from the options menu to the right of their name.
  2. You'll see their status on the "Contact information" tab of their record. Switch it to the appropriate status.
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the record.

If you feel an email address is inaccurately displayed as an error, please contact us before reactivating that address. We’ll gladly investigate the error status of any recipient or group of recipients and help restore it for you.

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