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Confirmed opt-in contacts

There are two signup methods available in email marketing: single opt-in and confirmed opt-in. The latter is also known as double opt-in or verified opt-in.

The signup method used by Emma is single opt-in. However, if your organization requires a confirmed opt-in process, we include a verification link in the confirmation email that is sent after someone subscribes through a classic signup form, or lightbox form.

In this article we'll explain how you can use the verification link to segment audience members, allowing you to send only to confirmed contacts.

Confirmation emails

The subscription confirmation emails attached to classic signup forms and lightbox forms are plain-text emails, and they're switched on by default.

Edit the plain-text email

It's not possible to edit the confirmation email for a lightbox form, but if you're using a classic signup form, you can edit the email content and subject line. To do so, see our instructions for editing the form. You can make changes from the "Signup stages" section, by clicking the Confirmation email tab:


In the body copy of the email you'll see some tags which are replaced with text, or a link, when the email is sent. Here's what they do:

  • [rsvp_name] — Displays the sender name set up for your account.
  • [optin_confirm_url] — This is the verification link that must be clicked by the subscriber to make them a confirmed opt-in contact.
  • [manage_prefs] — Converts to a link for the manage preferences form.
  • [opt_out] — Converts to an opt-out link so the recipient can unsubscribe immediately.

Send a HTML email instead

You can set up an automated workflow, triggered by signup, to send instead of the default, plain-text email. If you do that, make sure you turn off the default email (see below), so that new subscribers will only be sent one welcome email after signup.

The [optin_confirm_url] tag used in plain-text emails doesn't work in HTML emails. If you want to include a verification link in the email, for people to confirm opt-in, use this tag instead: [% optin_confirm_url %]

Turn the default email off

For classic signup forms, switch off the plain-text confirmation email by deselecting the "Send confirmation" checkbox, pictured above, found under the Confirmation email tab.

For lightbox forms, the option to toggle the confirmation email on or off, is at "Step 8 of 9" in the form builder (as pictured below). Scroll to the bottom of the editing pane to access the "Send confirmation" toggle:

Form preview with editing pane on the right

View a contact's confirmed status

You can view an individual's confirmation status on their contact record:

  1. Open the Audience section in your account
  2. On the Contacts page, use the search field to find the contact's email address.
  3. Click on the contact's email address to view their contact record.
  4. Look in the "Contact info" section to see their "Confirmed status".

For contacts who have confirmed, you'll see the date and time that they clicked the link:

Contact record for a confirmed contact, showing email address and date confirmed

If they haven't confirmed, the status will read: "This contact has not confirmed opt-in".

When you choose recipients to send a mailing to, anyone whose status is Active will be sent an email, whether they have confirmed opt-in or not. Learn more about contact statuses.

Create a confirmed opt-in segment

To create a segment containing all of your contacts who have confirmed:

  1. Open the Audience section in your account, then click Segments on the left.
  2. Click Create a segment.
  3. Give the segment a name, for example, "Confirmed opt-in".
  4. Click the Segment type dropdown menu and select Confirmed opt in.
    The segment type dropdown menu showing confirmed opt-in
  5. Click the Condition dropdown menu and select Is not empty.
  6. Click Save.

This segment will group any contacts who have previously confirmed opt-in, and any new contacts who sign up, and confirm, will be added automatically.

Send to confirmed opt-in contacts

To send a mailing to confirmed contacts only, click the person icon on the right of the "Choose recipients" field. Click Segments, then select the title of your confirmed opt-in segment.

Choose recipients menu for groups or segments

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