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Edit your email template's footer

The footer of your email template is the section at the very bottom. It contains links to your manage preferences form and signup form, as well as a link to view the email online, in a web browser, and an instant opt-out link.

Some things in the footer can be edited from your account, and some are hard-coded into the email template, as explained below.


For custom template designs, or changes to an existing template, get in touch with our design team.

Edit social sharing icons

The "share this email" icons are for recipients to share your mailing on social media, and the envelope icon is to send to a friend. When creating a new mailing in the drag-and-drop editor, click on the icons in the footer to display a settings window. Deselect any that you don't want to include, or optionally hide them all.


Learn more about our social sharing features.

Change your company address

The address displayed in the footer of email templates is pulled from your account's settings. To change it:

  1. Click your name at the top right, then select Account from the dropdown menu.
  2. On the "Account" page, click Sender info.
  3. Enter your address, then click Save.

If the address doesn't change after completing the steps above, it may be because it's a custom-coded template created by our design team. Please use the design requests form to get in touch with them.

Why an address is required

The anti-spam legislation of several countries requires organizations sending marketing emails to include a valid, physical postal address. There are different anti-spam laws for different countries but the inclusion of an address is also necessary to comply with our terms of use.

Anti-spam laws exist to prevent people from sending unsolicited, fraudulent or deceptive emails. That means, as a legitimate email marketer, you must be transparent about your company or organization and the purpose of your email messages. A valid postal address is one way to show recipients that the email is coming from a legitimate source.

No suitable address

For home-based businesses, it's understandable if you don't want to share your home address with subscribers. However, you must still supply an address; it just needs to be somewhere you can receive postal mail.

The Emma logo is hard-coded into the footer of all pre-designed templates available from the template gallery, as well as any designs you create starting from a "blank template".

For an additional monthly charge, the Emma logo can be removed from all templates. It can also be removed from your account. Contact support to learn more.

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