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Troubleshooting import errors

We've made the import process easy and straightforward but sometimes your spreadsheet needs to be formatted to play nice with Emma. Should you encounter hurdles in your attempt to import your list, the following can help you get back on the right track. 

Here are some steps to remove problematic formatting from your file:

  1. Open the file in Excel and copy only the columns you'll need added to your Emma account
  2. Open a new worksheet
  3. Click the edit button and select "Paste Special"
  4. Select "values" but nothing else and paste
  5. Save that file as an .xls or .xlsx file

The above steps almost always sets things straight but if you're still unsuccessful, here are some things to consider:

Spreadsheets with multiple sheets.

Emma will only see the first sheet in your document; if you have a spreadsheet with multiple tabs (sheets), you'll want to consolidate everything into one sheet to ensure everything is imported into your audience.

One email address per cell.

Ensure that only one email address is entered in each cell. All email addresses need to be in the same column.

Spreadsheet formatting, macros, formulas.

Sometimes formulas and other Excel wizardry can conflict with the import process. Highlight all the data in your spreadsheet and then format all cells as text before importing into Emma.

Formatting properly for custom fields.

Text fields such as a short answer field are straightforward, but if you're importing into custom fields like date fields or drop-down menus, you'll want to ensure your data fits the right formatting for that field type. You can find more info in this guide.

"View import error"

If your import fails, you can select the arrow to the right of the file on the 'Manage Imports' page and select 'View import error' to get more information. If you're trying to import the wrong kind of data into a member field - say text into a numerical field or a non-date into a date field - the import will fail and this will be reflected in the import error here.

Still unable to import your list successfully?

If after trying the above steps, you're still unable to successfully import your list, go ahead and drop a line to and attach your file for us to troubleshoot.

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