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Interactive mailing response chart

The interactive chart helps you:

  • Know at a glance how all of your mailings perform over time
  • Spot trends and let them guide the next steps in your email marketing plan
  • View mailing trend data for all mailings sent over the past 14 months

Response trends over time: The interactive chart for all mailings

How the chart is structured

The chart shows the numbers of mailings sent within a month, opens (% of sent) and the click-throughs (% of opened). The x axis shows the months. Number of mailings is listed on the right-side y axis, while open and click percentages are listed on the left-side y axis.

The chart on the main Response page allows you to:

  • Spot trends in open and click-through rates for all mailings over the past 14 months
  • Compare how this year's main promotion email fared versus last year's
  • Evaluate how your sending frequency affects open and click-through rates

How to interact with the chart

  1. Check or uncheck the mailings, opens and clicks boxes along the bottom of the chart to change the chart's display.
  2. Place your mouse over data points to see numbers.

  3. Highlight a portion of the chart to focus on a smaller date range.

  4. Scroll across this focused view by dragging the light gray bar above the chart.

  5. To return to the chart's full view, click Show all.

Helpful Tips

Don't see the interactive chart? This graph will not show if your account has fewer than two months of history. You'll also need to make sure that you have Flash installed; without Flash, you'll see the chart's title but not the chart itself.

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