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Migrate your email marketing to Emma

Below is a checklist to help you with moving your email marketing to Emma. Use it to optimize your chances of getting email delivered, and to get sending in as little time as possible.

Each step is essential to ensure your future email marketing is as successful, if not more so than before. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our team of email experts is here to help you get started.

Before you move

Use the checklist below before switching to help make your transition as smooth as possible.

Review your subscription methods

By taking a moment to review where your subscribers have come from, you can prepare to redirect these subscription sources to your Emma audience.

  • Have the contacts in your audience explicitly opted-in to receive marketing messages from you?

  • Can you list where your subscribers came from?

If any of your subscribers don’t meet our permission requirements, you’ll want to be sure not to import them into your Emma audience. Doing so could result in your account being suspended.

Review what's not working

There's always room for improvement with email marketing, and transitioning to a new email marketing service is a great opportunity to make impactful change.

  • Review your metrics. Are some emails doing better than others? Can you see why?

  • Review your email templates. Are they optimized for mobile? Our editor creates responsive, on-brand templates.

Export your contacts and reports

Knowing who not to email is just as important as knowing who to email. Honoring earlier unsubscribes and removing inactive and invalid email addresses is fundamental to a healthy email marketing strategy.

Exporting your reports containing your historic engagement metrics (opens, clicks, unsubscribes, complaints, etc.) helps you set benchmarks for future email campaigns and make informed decisions about your marketing strategy.

Before you leave your existing email marketing service, don't forget to:

  • Export your email subscriber lists.

  • Export unsubscribed and bounced email addresses.

  • Export previous email campaign reports.

  • Export subscriber engagement reports.

Review your audience for engagement

We recommend only sending to email addresses that have shown some engagement in the last 12 months. After vetting your audience, for extra peace of mind, you can use an email data validation service such as or BriteVerify.

  • Review and validate your audience for engaged email addresses.

Plan a gradual transition

While it might be tempting to export all your data and immediately shut down your old email marketing account, we recommend keeping both accounts open for a week or two. This way you can gather any final unsubscribes and bounce reports from your old platform, and give yourself time to export any data you may have missed.

  • Wait 1-2 weeks before shutting down your old account.

Before you send

Follow the steps below before sending your first campaign with Emma, to give you the best chance at delivery and engagement.

  • Import all the unsubscribed email addresses you exported from your old ESP to your Emma account and change their status to Opt-out.  You’ll want to handle error/bounced contacts similarly in a separate import by changing their status to Error. This will prevent sending to email addresses that have already unsubscribed, or are invalid.

  • Create a new audience group and import your contacts. During this step you will also be able to map additional contact information, such as addresses, states, countries and more to custom contact fields.

  • Set up segments to split your audience into subsets based on subscriber data, which you can then send individual campaigns, or show specific content in your email campaigns with dynamic content.

  • Update your signup forms to sync with your audience.

  • Set up authentication to increase the likelihood of your email being delivered successfully.

  • Set up a custom domain for sending. Free webmail addresses (Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, Outloook, etc…) used as the “From” address look more suspicious than those from custom domains, increasing the chance emails from those addresses will be rejected. This is the case no matter which ESP you use.

  • Consider your From name. If you've been sending from a specific name or email address for a long time, your best bet is to stay consistent, unless you've had a chance to inform subscribers in advance of the change.

  • Review your send history. If it's been a few months since your last campaign, it might be worth sending a re-engagement campaign. Instead of emailing your entire audience at once, you may want to consider smaller, targeted sends to increase your engagement rates.


All email marketing services are different, and this can be evident when comparing campaign reports. How Emma calculates performance metrics like opens and clicks can differ from other providers.

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