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New client guide

Here are the steps you need to set up your account and send your first mailing.

Gather your list of contacts

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You might need to export addresses from your email program or previous ESP.

Create groups and contact fields

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Add groups to your account, and create fields to store more information about your contacts.

Import your list 

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Add a list of email addresses by importing your Excel or CSV file. Or, add one contact at a time.

Get your signup form in order

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Set yourself up to get new email subscribers on your website, blog, social pages and more. 

Select an email template

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Your account comes with 100+ free designs, or you can request a custom design from our in-house designers.

Create your first mailing


Watch video tutorials that cover all the ways you can use the drag & drop editor to build your layout, add content and send.

Review your response

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 7.39.35 AM.png

After you send, learn who opened, clicked and shared on social networks.

Need help from an expert?

Head to Emma Community, where we're having conversations with Emma users about their general account questions, features they'd like to see and problems they're having. The Support Team is in there all day, but other users are pitching in on each other's questions, too, particularly outside of support hours.

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