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Opt-in an unsubscribed contact

You cannot change a contact's status from Opt-Out back to Active from within your account. To comply with CAN-SPAM laws, and our terms of use, any contact who has opted out must resubscribe themselves.

Even if the contact has been opted out accidentally, they still have to resubscribe themselves.

Options to resubscribe

There are two ways a contact can change their Opt-Out status back to Active, as explained below. The most important step, in both cases, is that the contact opens the confirmation email — sent after they've resubscribed — and clicks the "confirm your subscription" link.

When a new contact subscribes, it's not necessary to confirm opt-in, but it is required for resubscription.

Resubscribe through a signup form

If you have a signup form available on your website, simply direct your contact to the relevant page so they can resubscribe. If not, you can generate a link for a signup form in your account. See our instructions for editing your default signup form; the final step explains where to access options for publishing the form, one of which is a URL that you can copy and share with the contact.

Before you direct the contact to your signup form, make sure the confirmation email for the signup form is turned on.


The confirmation email contains the subscription confirmation link that the contact must click to resubscribe.

Lightbox forms and custom signup forms, created using our API, will not trigger the opt-in confirmation email if an opted-out contact tries to resubscribe.

Resubscribe via manage preferences

If the opted-out contact can find a previously sent email from you in their inbox, you can instruct them to click "Manage" in the email footer:

A standard email template footer containing the manage preferences link

This opens the manage preferences form which they can submit, with or without any changes to the form fields. Doing so will display a web page titled "Re-join this list", as shown here:

Explanation, followed by a Yes button to send opt-in invitation email

When the contact clicks Yes, they'll be sent a confirmation email (if it's turned on) containing the subscription confirmation link that they must click to resubscribe.

To make sure the confirmation email is turned on:

  1. Open the Audience section in your account, then click Forms on the left.
  2. Select Signup from the form options, then click on the name of your signup form.
    Showing a form labeled Your Default Signup Form
  3. Scroll down to the "Signup stages" section, then click the Manage preferences email tab.
    Now editing your manage preferences confirmation email
  4. If it's not already turned on, select the "Send manage preferences confirmation" checkbox.
  5. Click Save.

Accidental opt-outs

Links in emails sent through our application are appended with tracking IDs that make them unique to each recipient. This is how you're able to see which contacts clicked which links when viewing mailing response numbers.

When an email is forwarded using an email client, such as Gmail or Outlook, it retains those unique links, and continues to track opens and clicks as if they were the original recipient's actions. The same thing happens with the "Opt out" link in emails. If the original recipient forwards the email to someone else and that person clicks "Opt out", the original recipient will be unsubscribed.

Accidental opt-outs can be avoided by using the "Send to friend" feature, because this generates new, unique links for each new recipient.

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