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Opt out contacts

All mailings sent through your account must contain an opt-out link so recipients can unsubscribe. However, you may occasionally get direct requests from people to be removed from your mailing list. Below, we'll explain how to opt out a single contact, and how to bulk-opt-out multiple contacts.

About the Opt-Out status

The Opt-Out status can be applied to a contact in one of three ways:

  1. A contact unsubscribes by clicking the "Opt out" link in an email you've sent them, or they click "Manage" (your preferences) and unsubscribe that way.
    A standard email template footer containing the manage preferences link
  2. A contact's status is manually changed to Opt-Out within your account.
  3. The contact's status is changed to Opt-Out accidentally, as the result of a forwarded email.

If a contact's status is set to Opt-Out, you can't edit the contact's details or change their status. Also, if you import a file which accidentally includes contacts who have been opted out, the system prevents the contacts' statuses from being changed back to Active. This safeguard is in place, even if you've previously archived the contacts.

Opt out a single contact

To change the status for one contact:

  1. Open the Audience section in your account.
  2. On the Contacts page, use the search field to find the contact's email address.
  3. Click on the contact's email address to view their contact record.
  4. Click the dropdown menu next to "Status", then select Opt-Out.
  5. Click Yes to confirm the change.

Contact record showing status options: Active, Error, Opt-Out

Opt out contacts in bulk

If you need to opt out more than a few contacts, you can do a bulk status update:

  1. Identify the contacts in your audience that you want to opt out.
  2. Add them to a new group so you can apply a bulk status update. For example, you might call the group "opt-outs".
  3. Go to the Audience > Groups page, then click on the name of the group you just created.
  4. Click the Actions dropdown menu and select Change status of all.
    Bulk actions menu for groups: remove from group, change status, archive
  5. Select Opt-out in the pop-up window, then click Save. Then Yes to confirm.

If the contacts you want to opt out are not already in your audience — for example, if they unsubscribed via an external system or database — follow the instructions below to import them to a group, which you can then opt out.

  1. Open the Audience section in your account, then click Imports on the left.
  2. Click Import Contacts.
  3. Upload your file by either dragging it across from your desktop, or clicking Choose File to select it from your computer.
  4. At the "Choose your groups" step, add a new group name, for example, "Opt-outs".
    Add a new group filled with Opt-outs as the new group name
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the import, then complete steps 3-5 in the section above.
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