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Pause a mailing

Need to stop a mailing that's in progress? Follow these steps.

Ever hit the button to send your mailing and thought, Oh shoot, I didn't mean to send right now? Perhaps you selected the wrong audience group or realized a glaring error in your copy. Whatever it is, you don't want that mailing to go out.

With our pause mailing feature, you can pause a mailing that's already in progress.

Because we attempt delivery immediately upon hitting send, there is a very limited window of time in which you can pause a mailing.

How to pause a mailing

  • Go to the Response page, and look for the mailing's name, listed as In progress and Sending.
  • Click the menu arrow button to the far right.
  • Select the option Pause this mailing.

Our mailing process is quite fast, so you may find that some of your emails are delivered before you pause the mailing. After you've paused it, it's best to wait a little while for your response overview to catch up on emails received and emails opened before determining your next step.

From here, it's up to you to decide whether you want to unpause the mailing or leave it paused.

How to unpause a mailing

  • Click the menu arrow button to the far right of the mailing's name.
  • Select the option to Resume.

Getting stuck?

If you don't see a pause this mailing option when click the menu button, your mailing likely completed its delivery too quickly to pause it. This may happen if your audience is on the small side or if receiving servers happened to accept the delivery right away.

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