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Previewing, publishing and promoting your survey

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Note: Surveys are a deprecated feature that may not be available in your account if you activated after 2/5/16 or have not previously created a survey.


When you're done editing your survey, click the Preview tab at the top of the screen to see how it will appear to your survey-takers. If you need to make any changes to your survey, click back to the Edit tab.


When you're ready to publish your survey, click the Publish tab. (Don't worry, there's still another step before your survey is officially published.)

On the Publish tab, set the end details for your survey. These can be edited at any time by choosing the "Change this survey's settings" option to the right of any active survey on the main Campaigns page.

  • Now ends the survey immediately and is helpful when you want to take down an active survey.

  • Never keeps the survey open indefinitely.

  • On this date lets you specify the date on which the survey will automatically expire.

  • After [x] people have completed it lets you specify a cap of total survey completers. Once that number is reached, your survey will automatically expire.

If you type in an end date and a cap for the number of people who have completed it, the survey will close when the first of those criteria is met.

Now, click Publish survey, and it's time to get the word out to your recipients. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Distribute a public link. Use this option to create a public survey that anyone can take. Post it on your website, your blog or anywhere you'd normally put a URL. These survey-takers will be listed as anonymous in your survey's response section. (You'll see the public URL listed on the publish tab once you've set your survey's publish details. Just use your browser's copy and paste commands to, well, copy and paste it.)

  2. Link to the survey from your next mailing. If you'd rather wait to send this survey out at a later date, you're all set for now. When you create your next email, you'll link to this survey just like you would to a webpage, email address or document.

Helpful tips

  • The survey is designed to be taken once per email address when sent out as a link in a mailing. After survey-takers submit their responses, they'll be directed to the thank-you page. They can only take the survey once, unless they visit the survey from a different computer or open a new browser.
  • We don't recommend sending to an email aliases (addresses like that may be received by multiple people), since you won't be able to identify the individuals who've taken the survey.
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