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Seeing an individual's confirmed status

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If your contacts sign up via a signup form, they'll receive a confirmation email that confirms their subscription to your list. By default, this email contains a few links in it:

  • an opt-in confirmation link, if your subscribers would like to doubly confirm they've opted in
  • a manage preferences link, should they need to change any info they submitted
  • an opt-out link, in case they subscribed in error

Want to see if a particular person in your audience has confirmed opt-in? Just check their contact record. Here's how:

  1. Select View this contact's record from the options menu beside their name.
  2. Near the top of the next page, you'll see the contact's confirmed status. If they clicked on the opt-in confirmation link in the confirmation email, their status will read "This member confirmed opt in on [date]." If the member did not click on the opt-in confirmation link, their status will read "This member has not confirmed opt-in."

Helpful tip

Keep in mind that confirming opt-in is not required. You are still able to send to active members who have not confirmed opt-in. This feature simply allows you to identify who your most interested subscribers may be. You can find all folks who confirmed opt-in by running a dynamic segment based on contact information.

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