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Change your sender name and address

Your sender name and email address — also known as your "From" address — help to identify you to your recipients, so it's important to choose something professional and easily recognizable to them. When new Emma accounts are created, the account owner's name and email address are initially applied as the default setting.

In this article we'll explain how to edit the default sender details, how to change sender details for individual mailings, and how to add an optional reply-to address.

Edit your sender details

Many company mail administrators, and individual email users, use the “From” address to identify trusted senders. You should choose sender details that clearly identify you or your organization. Often that will be your company name, or the name of the product people have signed up to learn about. Sender details can be changed in two ways, as explained in the sections below.

To give your emails the best chance of reaching the inbox, don't use a free webmail address. For example, email addresses from Yahoo, AOL, or Gmail. Instead, use an email address registered at your organization's own domain.

Receiving email servers view free webmail "From" addresses as more suspicious than those from custom domains, which increases the chance of those emails being rejected. We’ll warn you if your sender address could cause a delivery issue.

Change the default setting

If you regularly use the same name and email address for your mailings, you should set these up as the default sender details in your account. Every time you create a new mailing, or automation, we'll autofill these for you.

To edit your default sender details:

  1. Click your name at the top right of your account. From there, select Account from the dropdown menu. 
  2. On the "Account" page, click Sender info.
  3. Enter your preferred sender name and sender email address, then click Save.

Change sender details for a single email

When sending a mailing, you can change sender details on the mailing details page. It can be a one-off change for a specific email, or you can tick the checkboxes below each field to set these details as the new default:

Sender name field and sender email field, with the option to save as account defaults

If you have Author or Editor permissions in a multi-user account, the button at the top right of the mailing details page says Review, not Review & send. You can edit the sender name and email, but to add recipients or set up a split test, you need to click Finish to forward the email to someone in your account who has permission to send.

Add a reply-to address

A "reply-to address" refers to the email address that will be used if recipients respond to your mailing. Unless you add a specific email address for this purpose, all replies will be sent to the sender address.

To add a reply-to address, tick the Set a separate reply-to email address checkbox, then enter your preferred address.

Don't use a no-reply address

A functional reply-to address is required because you must be able to view and respond to replies. Putting an email address out there may attract its fair share of auto-replies and bad responses, but it also opens the door to useful, legitimate conversation with your customers.

People replying to your emails is a positive engagement indicator that mailbox providers use to determine sender reputation, so it should be encouraged instead of discouraged.

Using “no-reply” violates CAN-SPAM laws because your subscribers must be able to opt out just by replying to the email.

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