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Setting your from name and address

The from name and address identifies you to your mailing recipients and allows them to reply directly to you. You can set these details when opening your account, and you can change them if necessary at the time of send-off.

To change your from name & address at send-off

  1. From the main Campaigns page, select the mailing you want to send.
  2. Click the Review & Send button.
  3. In the fields provided, change your from name and address by highlighting the text and typing over it.
  4. Send your mailing or schedule it for a future send-off.

To set your default from name & address settings

  1. Hover over the tools icon at the top-right, and click Settings & billing.
  2. Go to the Sender info tab, and click Edit.
  3. Change your from name and address, and click Save.

Helpful tips

  • Many email users and administrators use the from address to flag trusted senders, so use an address that clearly identifies you and your organization. (For example, it's better to use than We'll warn you if your RSVP address could cause a delivery issue.
  • Also, remember that people can (and will) reply to your "from address, so make sure it's an address you have access to and one where you don't mind receiving replies. For large mailings, you might consider using an address like instead of a personal address.
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