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Survey FAQs

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Note: Surveys are a deprecated feature that may not be available in your account if you activated after 2/5/16 or have not previously created a survey.


What does publish mean? Does that send the survey to all of my contacts?

When you click on the Publish tab, your survey is not sent out to everyone in your audience. In fact, it's not sent out at all. Publishing simply means you've generated a unique URL for the survey so that you can start promoting and sharing the survey. Read more about publishing and promoting your survey here.


Why would I want my survey to end now when I've just created it?

You probably wouldn't choose now on a survey you've just created. However, you may have selected never for a prior survey, and now you've decided you want to end it after all. You can edit a prior survey and choose now to end that survey immediately.


How can I use the survey feature as an event RSVP form?

Think of the mailing as the invitation and the survey as the RSVP form. Customize the mailing to include event details, pictures and more. Then, link to the survey to collect attendance information.


Can I add rank-style questions to my survey?

Rank-style questions are not currently one of the form element options. Consider inserting a radio button question type instead.


What about colors and images?

Surveys do not include color options or image functionality at this time. However, you can customize the mailing that invites folks to take the survey. And if you've built your survey on a custom-branded template, the template's header image will be viewable in the survey.


Why would I want to make a copy of my survey?

If you tested the original survey to a group of colleagues, you may want to send out a new version to your contacts. Making a copy of the original survey generates a unique URL so your contacts' responses will be separate from the test responses.


Can survey-takers take my survey more than once?

The survey is designed to be taken once per email address when sent out as a link in a campaign. After survey-takers submit their responses, they'll be directed to the thank-you page. They can only take the survey once, unless they visit the email from a different computer or open a new browser.


How do I send a reminder to contacts who haven't taken the survey?

What a terrific idea. View your survey's response, and export the results to Excel. One column of the export will include the email addresses of the survey-takers. Import these folks into your audience as a "survey-takers group." A dynamic segment will allow you to identify who's in the main group you sent to but not in this survey-takers group. And then you'll be able to send the survey reminder to that search group.

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