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Understanding your import totals

Beside every completed import, you'll find an options button to "View import statistics." If you choose that option, you'll see a list of numbers explaining your import.

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Below is a breakdown of each total that appears and what it means.


This is the date and time at which your import finished.

Source of import

This is the file name from which you imported.

Method of import

This tells you whether your import style was "add only" or "add & update."

Fields mapped

This is the list of member fields -- email, first name, last name, etc -- into which you mapped.

Added to

This is the group to which these members were imported.

Duplicates in original file

This is the number of email addresses that appeared multiple times in the file.

Number of skipped rows

This is the number of blank rows in the file where no email address was populated.

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