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Using HTML code in your mailing

The drag & drop editor allows you to add and format text and images, but if you're HTML-savvy, you might like to review the HTML or add your own HTML code to your mailings.

Spot-checking the HTML code of a text box

Each text box has its own set of code. If you notice some formatting issues in your text box -- like a font size that's not quite right -- you may want to view its HTML and make small adjustments.

Click on the </> button in the formatting toolbar to view the text box's HTML.


Use this button for small code adjustments only. Do not paste in your own HTML code here. If you'd like to add a section of your own HTML to the mailing, simply add an HTML content block.

Adding an HTML content block

If you want to add some of your own HTML to a mailing you've created using the WYSIWYG editor (perhaps you have an image with distinct clickable areas, or a calendar or other table already built in HTML), simply drag a code content block into your mailing from the menu on the left.

your html code here.png

Then hover over the block and click the Edit HTML tab. Paste in your code and click Save.

Avoid adding JavaScript or other code that doesn't perform well in email. Read our HTML for email guide for more details.

Coding your mailing from scratch

If you're not using the drag & drop editor at all and would prefer to build your mailing from scratch using your own HTML, you can grab a plain template built just for you and your HTML.

Open the Template Gallery, and select the "Code your own" option.

code your own.png

We recommend building your HTML outside of the editor – in Dreamweaver or a similar program – and then pasting it in the template. Be sure to follow our guidelines for creating emails in HTML (with suggestions like not using head and meta tags), as coding for emails is different than coding webpages.

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