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Using the image editor

This image editor is a deprecated feature. Learn more about the new image editor.

Our stylish image editor, powered by our friends at Aviary, helps you crop your images, enhance their colors, add filters and more. Read on for all the image editing goodness.

First, click on an empty image block in your mailing, and add an image from your desktop or image library, or from Facebook or Flickr. Then, click Edit this image.


This will open up the image editor, and you'll see its options across the top:

image editing options.png

Here's a breakdown of each feature, along with some examples

Enhance. Use this tool to enhance your image's brightness, or adjust it for nighttime, backlighting or color balancing.  

Before & after: enhanced for nighttime.

Effects. Apply any of ten filters, from Indiglow to Laguna, to your image.

Before & after: the singe effect gives an antique feel.

Orientation. If you'd like to rotate your image or display its mirrored version, use this tool.

Before & after: squirrel on the right, squirrel on the left.


Crop. The crop tool allows you to change your image's focus to a square, a customized size or a size based on a set ratio.

Before & after: the man is cropped out.


Brightness, Contrast and Saturation. Use one of these three scales to adjust the colors in your image.

Before & after: the image's saturation is adjusted.


Sharpness. This scale allows you to sharpen or dull your image, based on your preference.

Before & after: the image has been dulled to give it a fuzzy look.


Draw. Choose a pencil width and color to add notes and doodles to your image.

Redeye. Use this tool to eliminate red eyes in your photo.

Whiten. Make teeth, skylines and more as white as can be with the whiten tool.

Blemish. Erase blemishes and inconsistent textures with this tool.

Frames. Add a border to frame your image.

Text. Add a text box on top of your image.

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