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Trigger events: date-based

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There are five available trigger types when using automation: signup, custom API event, field changelink click and date-based. A date-based event triggers based on a date stored in a contact's record: birthday, anniversary, appointment date, etc.

Choose the date that you want to use in your trigger event.

Choose whether you want to trigger the workflow every year on the anniversary of this date or only on this exact date, including year.

  • If you choose every year, this trigger event will fire annually based on the month and day in this field. (Note: Recurring date-based triggers must have a valid past year in the date value).
  • If you choose only on this exact date, this trigger will fire only on the exact date in this field, including year. Contacts will be entered into this workflow every time the date in their contact field matches the trigger criteria.
  • Date-based automated workflows will fire at midnight PST on the day that is set in the workflow. So, your contacts living in the central timezone will receive their automated birthday emails at 2:00 am on their birthday. Happy birthday!

While the sending begins at midnight PST, Emma begins putting together the audience for sending at 5PM PST the day prior, so you'll want to make sure that contacts are in your account by this time in order to trigger for the next day.


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