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ActionGrid integration

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Using ActionGrid, you can filter, group and edit your lists, among other tasks, to streamline your work in a familiar grid.

  1. Install and set up the Emma for Salesforce app from the AppExchange, following the installation and configuration methods. You can find the setup and customization instructions in the installation section of the AppExchange.
  2. Once you've installed Emma for Salesforce, open up the ActionGrid Setup Menu. The recommended method for activating the Emma feature is to select the Global Defaults section and open the Feature Security tab. Here, you have the option to enable the ActionGrid's features for All Users or at a Profile or individual User level.
  3. Enable the "Add Contacts To Emma Group," and click Save.

Batch emailing example

Now that you've activated Emma in ActionGrid, here's an example of how to implement it by using some of the other features of ActionGrid.

  1. Say you want to create an email group consisting of Apparel Resellers from multiple accounts. Open the ActionGrid Explorer, and select Account. Filter the Account Type selection by Reseller.
  2. Now, you want to be able to see all the contacts available to these accounts (since you're going to be emailing the contacts directly, not the company). Select all of the records, and use the Actions menu to Drill Down into the Contacts.
  3. Now that you've arrived to an ActionGrid of Contacts, filter the Department by Apparel. Select the desired records and use the Action Menu to Batch Email > Add to Emma Group. A dialog box will appear, giving you the option to select a previously created Emma group from the dropdown. Alternatively, you can leave the dropdown empty, and click OK to create a new Emma group.
  4. If you click OK with the dropdown blank, you'll be prompted to create a name for your new group, and click Save. Then navigate to the Emma Groups tab to select your newly created group. Contacts for the specified group are populated in the Emma group, ready to be emailed.
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