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Creating integrations using our API

Want to connect your account with other web-based services? In addition to an open API that makes it easy for programmers to build their own connections, we offer custom integrations and plugins for many popular applications.

Some of these integrations will make it easy for you to add an email signup option to your site, blog or shopping cart. Others will help you share data with your CRM, accounting or billing services. 

To see if we connect with the service you're looking for, just pay a visit to our integrations directory.

Activating your integration

Most integrations will require you to authenticate your account using a set of credentials known as an API key. You can generate that key in your account by clicking the tools icon at the top-right and selecting Settings & billing.

You'll see a tab for API key. Click "Generate key" to receive a public API key, private API key and account ID. These are credentials which will be used for all integrations.

If you have an agency account, go to Menu, choose Accounts, click the downward-pointing arrow to the right of the sub-account whose keys you want and select to jump into that account's settings. Scroll down to the API key section.

Note: You'll want to jot down your API keys once you generate them, as they'll be encrypted when you leave the page.

Supporting your integration

Many of the integrations available in our directory are built, maintained and supported by independent developers and services.

If you have any questions about these integrations, contact the provider listed in that integration's profile (accessible by clicking the application's logo from our integrations directory).

Requesting an integration

We're always looking for new ways to connect with the services you love. To request an integration that's not currently available, contact support with information about the service you'd like to connect and the goals you hope to achieve.

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