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Digioh integration

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Use the Digioh integration to know which email contact downloads your secure file, send files of up to 2GB and be able to detect when your file is posted publicly.

  1. If you don't already have a Digioh account, create one for free here.
  2. Enter your Emma account's public API key, private API key and account ID. (Here's how to find them.) Enter your business or company name.
  3. Click the Add New File button.
  4. Click Select a file from your computer, and start uploading your file of up to 2GB.
  5. Pick a security option; "No Security" is checked by default. Digioh's security options are explained as:
    List Grower Security: Subscribers can download your file, and non-subscribers must opt-in to download your file. Read more about List Grower Security here.
    Membership Security: Subscribers can download your file, and non-subscribers see a “No Access” page and will not be allowed to download your file. Read more about Membership Security here.
    No Security: Anyone can download your file anytime.
    Expiration Options: Self destruct files on a specified day or based on a number of downloads. Read more about expiration options here.
  6. Customize your download page, if you'd like, which is the page customers are taken to after clicking your download links. Add your logo, button text, graphics and more.
  7. Click Copy to copy your download link. File attachments work like a hyperlink. You'll notice that the download link includes a personalization tag, which allows Digioh to track which subscribers download your file. You can learn more about how this works here.
  8. Log into your Emma account, and either create a new mailing or open a draft. Click within a text box, highlight the text you want to link, and click the link icon in the toolbar. Or, if you want to link an image, click on an image placeholder to add your image and the URL. (Learn more about creating links in your mailing.)
  9. Once you send your mailing, you can watch in real-time which subscribers have downloaded your file. Manage the email notifications about this activity in your Digioh Dashboard.

Read more about the Digioh and Emma integration here!

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