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Emma for Magento

Emma's ecommerce integrations bring your customers' purchase data right into your Emma audience. With this information at your fingertips, you can target your audience based on their shopping history, ensuring your emails are perfectly-tailored and relevant to your customers. You're also able to track conversions that come directly from links in your mailings, allowing you to monitor the success of your campaigns and use this insight to up your marketing game!


To install Emma for Magento, head over to our installation guide.


With Emma for Magento, you can sync your contacts, segment and automate based on purchase history, track revenues that result from your email marketing, and send automated mailings based on recent cart activity.

Sync contacts and customer data

Syncing Magento customers with your Emma audience

When a customer elects to accept marketing, they'll be synced with your Emma account. This happens when a customer signs up through one of your Magento signup forms or checks the box to opt-in to marketing during the check-out process.

If customer or Magento admin updates a customer email address - it’s updated in Emma.

Syncing Magento customer fields

Additional Magento Customer Data fields (address, city, state, zip, etc) can be created as fields in Emma from within Magento, and you can sync this data between the two platforms.

Syncing purchase history

If you already have orders in your Magneto account when you install the integration, Emma will automatically create fields for purchase history and sync these with your contacts. If you don't have any orders yet, those will be created once you do.

Fields created automatically:

  • Total number of orders
  • Total Purchased (money spent)
  • Highest purchase
  • Average purchase (in dollars)
  • Last purchase date

With these new fields populated with your Magento data, you can create segments based on this purchase history. 

Within a contact record, you'll have access to a new tab: Purchase History.

Along with the fields listed above, you'll also be able to reference a contact's order history, including the order numbers, dates, and totals. If an order is set to complete or canceled status in Magento, it will be reflected here as well; if the order hasn't been completed or canceled, we'll display its status as pending. Keep in mind that the customer must be logged in and not checking out as a guest for their order to sync to their purchase history record in Emma.

Segmenting based on purchase history

Once you have orders and Emma has automatically created the above purchase history fields, we'll also automatically create these segments for you:

  • Average purchase greater than $50
  • Cumulative purchases greater than $100
  • Have more than one total order
  • Purchased in last 30 days
  • Purchased in last year
  • Subscribed but not purchased

These segments are dynamic and will update any time you open them, send a mailing to them, or an automated mailing is sent to the segment.

You can even segment on specific purchased items such as the product name or category!

To dive deeper into your Magento segments, head over this way.

Track purchases that result from your mailings

With our return on investment (ROI) tracking, it's easy to track how effective your mailings are in leading to sales conversions.

Head over here for instructions and information on ROI tracking.

Automate targeted mailings

With your customers' purchase history synced with Emma, you can set up automated mailings that trigger based on field changes related to their purchase history. By pairing this up with our other great features,like dynamic content and personalizationit's a breeze to set up attractive, relevant mailings for your customers!

Plus features

With Emma Plus, you also get:

  • Abandoned Cart emails
  • Post-purchase emails with order details, requesting a review
  • Product Recommendation emails, automatically sent based on new orders


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