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Emma for Salesforce: Custom Object Mapping

The Emma for Salesforce application allows you to map Emma members to Leads and Contacts in Salesforce. But what if you don’t use the Lead object? Or perhaps you track your records in Salesforce via custom objects. The Emma for Salesforce application allows you to determine which objects you’d like to map to so that  you can customize the integration to work for your business. Here’s how you do that.

  1. When you reach the field mapping page during the setup process, click on Advanced Settings.
  2. You’ll make all of these changes under the Salesforce to emma Object Mappings section.

To remove Leads and only use Contacts

  1. Click the button next to Contact under Salesforce Object Name that says “Make Primary.” That will move Contact to the top row and make it the Primary Integration Object.
  2. Click “Remove Mapping” on the far right on the row for Lead. That will remove Leads entirely from the mapping.
  3. Click back to the Emma Member Field Mapping tab. You should now only see the Contact object there for field mapping.

To use a custom object for records

  1. Click the button that says “Add New Member Mapping.” This will create a new row in the table below with no label under the Salesforce Object Name.
  2. In the “Change To” column, open the dropdown in this new row and select the Custom Object you’d like to use for mapping. Click Save just to the right of the dropdown.
  3. Your custom object name will now appear in the Salesforce Object Name column. At this point, you can make this your Primary Integration Object by clicking the button that says “Make Primary.”  You can also remove the other objects if you don’t want to use those by clicking “Remove Mapping.”


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