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Shopify Abandoned Cart Emails Using Emma Automation

Access to this feature is available to Emma Plus and Emma HQ customers with a connected Shopify account. Don’t see it in your account? Get in touch with us at!

You now have the ability to send branded abandoned cart emails to your customers from within Emma! You can trigger these to all customers who abandon their cart, or you can filter to only send abandoned cart emails to those who had a certain cart total. Emma's reporting tools that you're used to will work with these mailings, as well as the ROI and conversion metrics based on Shopify activity.

Before we dive into how to get that rolling, there are some important notes to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you turn off the abandoned cart emails that are being sent directly from Shopify, so that your customers do not receive two abandoned cart emails.
  • These abandoned cart emails will only be sent to customers that have accepted to receive marketing communications because we can’t send to those who don’t opt-in to marketing.

Creating your abandoned cart email

Prior to setting up the automated workflow, you'll need to create the emails that will be sent to your customer. Head to the Campaigns page of Emma and Create A New Mailing. We've added two pre-built abandoned cart templates to your account that you'll want to use as your starting point. You can find those templates in the Shopify collection in the Template Gallery.

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 10.21.53 AM.png

You'll notice some tags that are already present in the template. These tags will pull in the product image, titles and prices of each item as well as the "View cart" button that will easily take your customer back to their cart. While the tags themselves are locked to prevent any accidental changes, you are free to customize the other elements to fit your branding and style. You'll also be able to change the color of the "View cart" button by using the option at the top of the editor pane.

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 8.42.37 AM.png

Creating the automated workflow

Once you've created and customized the abandoned cart mailing you'll be ready to build the workflow that will be sending them out!

Trigger setup

Create a new automated workflow and click under "Trigger event" to view the trigger types that are available. If your Shopify account is connected to Emma, you'll see an option there labeled "Abandoned cart event".

 ac trigger.png

You then will be able to select whether you want to send to all who abandoned their cart or set a cart total criteria to only send to those who intended to spend a certain amount. (Example: cart total > $100). This is perfect for targeting those with larger carts for discount codes or other enticements.

ac trigger settings.png

Setting a delay

You must have a WAIT step (minimum 1 hour) as your starting point in an abandoned cart workflow. This is required because we don’t want customers to be sent abandoned cart emails the second they begin a checkout. Our system is going to be automatically checking to make sure that they haven’t made a purchase during the delay period. If they do make a purchase during the delay period, we won’t send them the abandoned cart email. If the customer goes back and adds more items or has another interaction with their cart during the delay period, the delay time will start over for them from the time of that last interaction.


Final steps

After selecting a wait time, add the next step of “send mailing” and select the campaign that you customized for this workflow. You can also add some additional steps and branches to build a series of mailings that send over a period of time for even more effective re-engagement.

Once the workflow has been built to your needs, save it and toggle inactive to active at the bottom of the screen. With the flip of that switch, your workflow is now active and ready to automatically send out!

Testing the trigger

It's always a good idea to test your workflows for confirmation that it's working just as you want it to.

Here are some step-by-step instructions for giving it a test run:

  1. Go to the campaigns section of the app and “Create A New Mailing” using a pre-built abandoned cart we have put into your template gallery.
  2. Then, go to the Automation tab and create a new workflow.
  3. Select a Test Group or manually enter a few test email addresses to send to (such as your email address and a couple of your co-workers’ email addresses).
  4. Select Abandoned Cart Event as the trigger event.
  5. Select the criteria you wish to send to (all who abandon or just those with a certain cart total).
  6. Confirm criteria.
  7. Add 1 hour wait step as the beginning of the workflow.
  8. Add next step to send the Abandoned Cart email that you set up in Step 1.
  9. Toggle the Workflow on.
  10. You and your co-workers (who were put in the workflow test group), go create a cart in your store. Must be either logged in (with same email as in test group) or opt-in to marketing in checkout process. 
    **The checkout events (the event that sends to us to let us know to look out for abandoned carts) will be triggered once the customer puts an item in their cart AND THEN goes through the first step of putting in contact information OR they must already be logged into the store, then the checkout event will be triggered when they click checkout.  
  11. Wait an hour (without going back and editing cart because one hour time will start again).
  12. Ensure you and co-workers receive the Abandoned Cart email.  
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