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Emma for Zendesk

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With Emma for Zendesk, support teams can have more informed conversations with their users by viewing their Emma activity within Zendesk. When a customer opens a support ticket, you'll be able to see the campaigns they've received, the interactions they've made within those campaigns, even edit the lists they're subscribed to —all without leaving Zendesk!


  • View all Emma mailings that a Zendesk Support ticket requester has received. You can also open the webview of the mailing within Zendesk.
  • View in-depth details of the actions - opens, clicks, shares - taken in each Emma mailing. 
  • View and manage the ticket requester's Emma subscriptions (groups). 


Emma for Zendesk is available for free in Zendesk's App Marketplace. For installation, head this way.

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Emma phone support will be unavailable on November XX, between the hours of XX:XX and XX:XX. You can still contact support using the link above and we will respond as soon as we can.

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