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Formstack integration

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Emma’s integration with Formstack is a third-party integration not developed by Emma and is not supported directly. Head here for additional help.

Using Formstack, you can capture you new subscribers through a form that pushes that data into your Emma audience.

  1. Go to to log into your account. If you haven't already, generate your API key. Copy your public API key, private API key and account ID.
  2. While logged into Formstack, go to Settings, choose Integration Hub and go to the Email Marketing tab of the form you want Emma added to. Click Add next to the Emma icon.
  3. Add your public API key, private API key and Emma account ID. Click Continue.
  4. Choose which fields in your form should push to which fields in your Emma account. The only field you must use is that for an email address. If you make changes to your contact fields in Emma, click the green refresh arrows at the top of the Member Information fields in Formstack's Emma settings to refresh the fields in Formstack. Not doing this could break the integration.
  5. Select the Emma audience group(s) new subscribers should be added to. Subscribers can either be automatically added to the group(s) of your choice or given options of which group(s) to join. If you make changes to your Emma groups or add new groups, again click the green refresh arrows in the Groups section, just like you did in the above step.
  6. Add the email address an integration failure notification should send to.
  7. Click Save All Settings.
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